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2023, pseudogames

We want to offer a fresh take on the zom­bie genre, using the lat­est web tech­nol­ogy to de­velop a sim­ple yet im­pres­sive low-​fi aes­thetic that fo­cuses on the vis­ceral feel­ings of your ex­pe­ri­ence and lets the minute de­tails into the player's imag­i­na­tion. With a bal­ance be­tween ar­cade ac­tion and the thrill of sur­vival, the game chal­lenges play­ers to test their courage and re­silience in the face of the many sac­ri­fices that come with sur­viv­ing in a city over­run by the un­dead.


In this ex­per­i­men­tal tech demo, sur­vival skills and wits are es­sen­tial to nav­i­gate a city scorched by the sun and over­run by rav­en­ous zom­bies. As an old woman forced to aban­don her refuge in the sew­ers due to a flood, you set out to find a new home and re­unite with your beloved cat, who was sep­a­rated from you in the chaos. Sur­vival won't come easy, as you must con­tend with sin­is­ter be­ings and hordes of the un­dead while scroung­ing for water, search­ing for sup­plies, and fight­ing for your life.